Ariel Nan at The Guitar Nook

We had the pleasure and honor of hosting an interview of Ariel Nan, which was done n Spanish.  In the interview, Ariel plays an original composition whose beauty transcends all languages.  Ariel’s choice guitar for the day was a Fender resonator guitar. The interview was conducted by DWNTWNR.  To see other DWNTWNR celebrity and artist interviews, please visit their YouTube Channel. Enjoy!
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The Guitar Nook Chess Club

We're Launching a Chess Club

The Guitar Nook is launching a chess club.  Our owner just started re-connecting with the game of chess.  After looking, he couldn’t find a nearby chess club to join. 

Thus, The Guitar Nook Chess Club was born. 

We’re creating a chess venue where players of all ages and levels can get together to learn and play chess. 

The club is free of charge.  To join, contact us.   We will add you to a special mailing list so you can get notices of upcoming chess club events.