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New: Local Artists Concert Series

The Guitar Nook is doing something that is completely unique and original.  If you love live music, read on.

In what has become a tradition at The Guitar Nook, we host fingerstyle-master, Richard Gilewitz, to perform and teach his art.  The performance is limited to fewer than 10 guests and provides an incredible musical and learning experience, as our guests see up close Richard perform and ask Richard questions.

Inspired by that yearly tradition, beginning in May, we will be hosting a local artists concert series.  Each month, we will invite select local artists for an hour-long concert before no more than 10 guests.  This will give artist and guest an intimate performance setting to allow an up close and personal appreciation of the artist’s music and style, and allow a direct interchange between artist and guest on music and music-making, technique, local happenings, life, anything that comes up in the dynamics of the moment.

To receive notices of upcoming concerts, please join our mailing list. If you are a local artist who might be interested in performing, please contact us.

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