Affordable Professional Guitar Repair and Service

Trusted by Grammy winners and Hall of Famers

The Guitar Nook provides professional repair services. We handle everything from string changes and setups to pickup installations and customiztions. We can even build a guitar from scratch according to your specifications.

We have had the honor of working on guitars for Grammy award winners and Hall of Fame stars, including rock legend Iggy Pop and P.J., founding bassist of Brazil's Jota Quest. We also regularly repair the guitars of local legends and gigging musicians.

Before we begin any repair, we conduct a full (and free) evaluation of your instrument and speak with you about the scope of the work and any recommendations that we may have. For our attention to detail and our customers, we consistenty receive high praise and 5-star ratings for our repair work.

We also pride ourselves on doing the work quickly. Your work will be done as soon as possible and you will not find yourself waiting and waiting for it to be done.

All our work is guranteed to meet your complete satisfaction.

P.J., of Jota Quest, showing off new pickups installed by The Guitar Nook

We are the only one in Florida authorized to install the HyVibe System

The Future of Acoustic Guitar

The HyVibe System will transform your acoustic guitar into the most advanced guitar on the planet. You'll be able to do unimagined things on your guitar without ever having to plug in. This is an absolute must for professional and gigging musicians, as well as for any player who wants to take his or her guitar playing into another dimension.

Contact us today about transforming your acoustic guitar into a state-of-the-art instrument.

For more information, please visit the HyVibe website.